About Foque

Foque is the brand for children's fashion that proposes perfectly studied collections thinking of a total look, from shoes to accessories, including all ages, from Baby Layette to Junior Collection.


FOQUE website is listed on the first page on Google search, under the term "KIDS FASHION" More than 20.000 catalogs, displays and promotional posters with high quality images and styling. FOQUE interacts through the social networks with shops and more than 20.000 families.


Quality is part of our genetic code as a brand, our workshops, highly specialized, made ​​a 100% Made in Spain, always with style. Best quality with our features handcrafted finishes careful attention to detail.


Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Hong Kong are traditional markets for FOQUE. The European Community and Eastern Europe are the new markets with fast international expansion, based on the efficiency of business operations, as demonstrated by the very high customer loyalty.


Our designers create two collections per year, autumn/winter and spring/summer. Each collection is a perfect selection of costumes and garments that will anticipate designs that will be sure success each season.


Always the best in style, in design, in the making, in the marketing, promotion, distribution, logistics, sales. The best, always.


With extensive experience, FOQUE has become the provider of successful collections for over 1.500 multi-brand shops in 12 countries. Multi-brand shops find in FOQUE a provider with an efficient customer service.

Our children

Thanks to the feedback received from different points of sale, we know that FOQUE families are looking for children's fashion that combines classic elegance and the innovative look.