La Voz de Galicia interviews Pilar López

La Voz de Galicia interviews Pilar López

The director of Foque talks about her professional career and the trends for the coming seasons.

In this year in which Foque celebrates its 60 aniversary, Pilar López is interviewed by the newspaper La Voz de Galicia, reviewing her professional career, which has led her to direct the company founded by her mother in Vigo.

After a few years studying Audiovisual Communication and working at Canal+, currently the CNN+, Pilar began her studies in fashion design, and all this has led her to direct Foque.

In the interview, which you can read at this link, the relationship between the Royal House of Spain and the firm is also discussed, which on occasions has dressed the princesses Leonor and Sofia, and which was also about to do so at the coronation of King Felipe VI.

Likewise, Pilar contributes brushstrokes of what will be trends in the coming seasons, collections that have already been presented at different trade shows in the sector.

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